Monday, August 24, 2009

Get Avril look! :]

Now I'll show you how to find Avril Lavigne stuffs in StarPlaza. ;]
They aren't free,just to let you know.Haha :P
So,to get dresses search:black and pink ~> dresses ~> page 11.
Tee and hoodie:black and pink ~>tops~>page 13.
Shoes:black and pink~>shoes~>page 14.
Skirt:black and pink~>skirts~>page 4.

Clothes are inspired by her new perfume Black Star.I have it[pic under ^^] and I think it's awesome.Even my friend say it smells like alcohol. -.-''
I heard you can get on sd that parfeume for free but idk how ;S


Hey it's Jackie! Sorry to go into Ana's Post I just wanted to post you can also find the Skirt! Just look for black skirt and then on page 3 you will find it!


Zoe-Chic said...

Thanks soooo much, I really wanted one of the dresses and didn't want to use a proxy and now my 'dream' has come Thanks!

hayleigh1998 said...

i am buying all stuff of the blackstar shop i love the clothes

Brooke said...

thanks!!!! is that ur room??? :o)

funky_ana said...

Yup haha ^^
That's Rebelde wall,and you see little bit of Lady GaGa wall and in front of me is HSM wall :P

katara4 said...

i like the room ;)
(and the clothes XD)
i think i will buy the hoodie and one of these dresses... - but where's the pants? i cant find it if i search it

Cherries648/Neon said...

Wow, you have the perfume in real life>?

funky_ana said...

Yup haha ^^

vickygomez said...

i joined the club.. go to the explain how!

Evva said...

its nnot there anymore :( i wanted to get the tutu