Monday, August 10, 2009

Nerdy or Flirty?

Is your stardoll wearing something nerdy..or flirty?!

As we know stardoll released some back to school clothes that kind of looked..uniform-ish. But do we honestly want uniforms? I think not! So how about instead of going nerdy, we go flirty?
Now this outfit might not be for everyone, and that's fine.
I can of based the outfit around the colors-Red, Black, and white.
It stands at 35 stardollars. (Below)

Fudge High Waist Skirt-5 stardollars (Non-superstar)
Bisou Cropped Tee- 3 stardollars (Non-Superstar)
Bisou Uninon Jack Print Handbag- 7 stardollars (Superstar)
Archive Fudge shoes- 5 stardollars (Non-superstar)
Bisou Studded Belt- 5 stardollars (Superstar)
Archive V-neck vest- 6 stardollars (Non-superstar)
Bisou Striped Scarf- 4 stardollars (Superstar)

Now if you are non-superstar I'm pretty sure you can change some of the things for non-superstar items. Or maybe even some cheaper items. Then you can Play&Earn the money! :)

Also I put on some make-up for the look it's the simple Eyeliner and Mascara Look!


Sarah_Sugerplum said...

wow! i really like that outfit!

talonofthehawk said...

I like this!

starszn said...

I love it!(:

katara4 said...

i like it too ^.^
well done ;)

Emma peel said...

I love it.
It's defo Flirty.

xslap_shot8711x said...

this is so hot!!

Unknown said...

i followed starszn

cookie216 said...

Meh luhvs it...♥
Hope yewh gets loads of comments...Good luck!