Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Album Outfits

In my album, I have over 90 different themed pages based on different personal styles. The picture above shows what I like to call, the divine style. The Divine style is chic, elegant, and sophisticated all into one. I did my best to show this style in the picture above.

One rule for all of you to use when making an outfit is to layer different items to get a different outlook. The oufit to the right shows this greatly. I used two dresses and a pair of gloves to get this look. It is elegant and chic but has a touch of sexyness through the one laced shoulder. I personally think its perfection. The outfit to the left is a more literal example of this style. It is exactly what a divine outfit is and should be. I layered those two tops which were originally made for completely different styles, and accented them together for a sophisticated look. I took the look to the next level with a pop of color in the red bag

So I hope you enjoyed these outfits. I will be back later with more fashion, beauty, and style. Stay Stylish,

xo, Adrienne


Caghma.Maboula said...

Yeah theyre great :D

katara4 said...

i totally love it..^^
i saw your album a few days ago, and i love all your pages ;P