Thursday, August 6, 2009

MakeUp Tutorial

So I decided to do a makeup tutorial! :D I'm not sure what to call it but maybe somebody could give me an idea? :)
Step One-Apply Volumizing Mascara to both eyes:

Step Two- Apply Black Kohl Eyeliner to both eyes:

Step Three- Apply White Collection Eyeliner to both eyes:

Step four- Apply White Collection Shade Stick to both eyes:

Step Five- Apply Electric Pink SHade stick to both eyes:


Tip: To help keep everything even try to make spots of where to start and end.
Lets say you started and the middle eyelash and ended and the end eyelash then you would do the same thing with the other eyes! :D It's easy and will be even!

Love it? <3
Hate it? :(
Comment! :D


katara4 said...

i love it *-*

Sarah_Sugerplum said...

omg <3 it =D

starszn said...

Loves it! (: the doll looks cute!

lizzie1393 said...

i think it looks amazing and it suites you medoll! =]

xslap_shot8711x said...

OMG <3

PinkBlueGreen said...

I heart that! Thanks so much!

Girlworld_club / Ishtar♥ said...

I love it Jackie!

You are a show stunner:)