Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Hot Buys Release!

We have another Hot Buys Release, this time no doubles! :O
Gosh, I miss those doubles! It's like just yesterday we had our last double. Oh wait it was yesterday! :O
What do you think of these?
I do agree from Mel's Review, from a while back, they have that Vegas look to them! I really want to know what YOUR feelings on these are!

And the winner is...


The winner is...


I'm sorry if I spelt your username wrong if it's Cherry648 then that's what I meant lol! I will look back through all the names from the blog, not my handwriting. :D
Anyways, I wrote down all the names and actually had my bro pick one out. :) So yeah the prize is DKNY Sequins Tank Dress so contact me if you want your prize.


Must be claimed within 2 weeks!

Amazing Scenery!

I post this scenery in here ,because i think it's amazing...If I didn't know that is a stardoll scenery,I would think that somebody used photoshop to make it!Today this scenery is 5th at top five sceneries,propably it can be 1st tomorrow with your help !!...electra.... is the user who made this masterpiece!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Hot Buys Differences!

Yes, I know I already posted about the new Hot Buys Glasses!
But when I checked the comments Lauren (Melissa54321) said that they are different sizes! So I went to check and it was true!
So I guess that's why the one is more then the other in this case. :O


So I had made this banner myself as a new banner, I know it isn't the best but I tried, in paint too btw! But I haven't posted in more than 2 weeks and school is super hard this year so this will be my final post on this blog, maybe I may make my own blog but who knows? I love you guys and thank you to Jackie for giving me a spot at the blog.

Cute Idea!

I love what Ms.Brigitte did with the Hot Buys Jacket!

She also added some stuff under it so it works well together. I think she did a fab job with this and it's original. I mean I haven't seen anybody do this yet. And I think the shoes are a great addition to the outfit! I have to give this girl her props!

Just to clear the air!

I wasen't going to post this because I thought it was wrong but visiting her I decided I should. That I wasen't being wrong.
This event happened about two months ago but I didn't get my dress back ever so I just want to post this.My Lily Cole Purple Dress was taken while I did a trade.TooKawaii I actually thought was a nice generous person in the beggining until she made Allie(spriteallie) and myself (DaddysAngel02) wait 3 hours!Story:Allie and me where trading for my Lily cole. Tookawaii bought it so we decided to try and get it back. At first she had no problem and we even offered her DKNY Dress for my dress back. She was fine with that but then it was 3 hours and we still got nothing. It's not a problem but then she decided to change her mind after 3 hours and not sell it back. Now if you were waiting 3 hours to get your dress back after she said she would but then she didn't put it up, wouldn't you get a little frustrated? I can be a really nice person and that's all I was trying to be. I didn't do anything mean. She said we were mean and decided not to give it back. After that Allie did get a little mad. THREE HOURS AND SHE CHANGED HER MIND! WTF IS THAT?Honestly, and I mean honestly!!!! If I bought somebodys dress or something I would give it back. I have bought peoples stuff many times when it was for a trade and I have always given it back. I even gave back and Mk fur jacket when I bought it the bazaar. I sold it back, because it was a mistake and not mine.I actually think she traded the dress off a few days after. She sent out broadcast saying she was trading it. I honestly don't think she was going to give it back in the first place. I actually think she traded it off two days later because she didn't have it in her suite. She blocked me aswell when I requested her. I didn't say anything wrong so wtf?

For The Love of Dresses :D

Sorry I didn't know what else to write for a title. ;D This is just a random post about some of stardolls errors. Everybody makes mistakes, blah blah blah, but I just wanted to post this. :D
Anyways, browsing for a black dress I found out something..interesting?
So apparently pink has been added to black?
And it's not there because of the title! Because the black version of that dress is under pink! Even the the black one does have a little bit of pink in it.

Oh and also did you know that jeans were counted as dresses? :O Who knew?!

And again...

Oh geez stardoll, again? Really? This is the THIRD time they gave out a Hot Buys two times. At least we get to pick between 6 or 7 stardollars. That's a tough choice, I'll probably have to ask somebody! It seems like there doing it on purpose or something!
I love the glasses though, so I don't care. =)
What do you think? Funny or annoying?


Like I said one lucky person gets DKNY SEQUINS TANK DRESS! This time it's different and everybody who is a follower is put into the raffle. Unless you don't have a username or something like that. If you have a picture and username then you have nothing to worry about! I started writing down the names last night so I should be done soon!
As for the 250th follower (AmazingBlossom) I sent her a message telling her she could have one of the LE Pendants of her choice. I know it's not much but then again everybody still has a chance to win the dress.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Album Finally Finished!

I am so happy to say that I have finally finished my album! All 100 Pages have been filled. I have over 90 themed pages that show certain unforgetable styles. Here are a couple previews below =]

So be sure to come and check out my new album. Leave a comment and rate if you can. I am so excited to be finished and want as many people to see it as possible. Tell your friends to come down and take a look.

So now that I'm finished, I can get back to blogging more actively. I will definately be back with more fashion, style, and beauty from Stardoll. Talk to you all later!

xo, Adrienne

Maybe they should think it more throughly?

Stardoll really think before they post or do things!

It's kind of a pointless post but it's kind of funny to see the things stardoll does...wrong!!

Well they first of all must not have a really good track of what's in the starplaza and starbazaar

Or maybe it's their funny way of telling us that they write Paulina's articles but then they don't!
Don't get it? Look below:

To cute stardoll, to cute.

Free Dart Board

Sorry this is late I was just looking for a proxy that was hack free and no viruses. Since and have been marked as not good I suggest you don't use this sites!

For the dartboard if you are U.S.A just visit then check your suite.

If your not in the U.S. then do this:

1. or any other proxies you know that work. (please tell me in comments)

2. go to and log in

3. log out and go back to your regular stardoll without the proxy

4. you should have it in a gift box! :)

Again sorry for being late, I wanted a good proxy that doesn't involve such a huge risk!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hot Buys Release+Glitch

The Hot Buys Muffin Purse is released, two times. Yup that's right, two times. The only difference is ones called Hot Buys Muffins Purse and the other is just Hot Buys Purse. Wow that makes them so make different!! :O
It's like the Hot Buys Sweater, just it's the same price on both.

What are your opinions on this: Love it, Hate it, Could of lived without it?

And the Stockings are still as pick of the day, since like the 22nd! What's up with that?!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Album Outfits

In my album, I have over 90 different themed pages based on different personal styles. The picture above shows what I like to call, the divine style. The Divine style is chic, elegant, and sophisticated all into one. I did my best to show this style in the picture above.

One rule for all of you to use when making an outfit is to layer different items to get a different outlook. The oufit to the right shows this greatly. I used two dresses and a pair of gloves to get this look. It is elegant and chic but has a touch of sexyness through the one laced shoulder. I personally think its perfection. The outfit to the left is a more literal example of this style. It is exactly what a divine outfit is and should be. I layered those two tops which were originally made for completely different styles, and accented them together for a sophisticated look. I took the look to the next level with a pop of color in the red bag

So I hope you enjoyed these outfits. I will be back later with more fashion, beauty, and style. Stay Stylish,

xo, Adrienne

Wizards Of Wavery Place- Free Items

I was checking the other comments in the Wizards Post I had a little bit farther down.

Anonymous posted that you can get them by clicking around on the front page! It does work! I clicked on the cloud and it said I got the book! So just click around and find the Wand and stone of dreams. Below I showed that you can get the book by clicking on the cloud.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why stardoll,WHY?! >_<

Noticed Ashley and Mary-Kate left from stardoll?No?Yes?
Well they did!Or stardoll removed them!Idk what,but I want them back!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wizards Of Waverly Place!

Some how this caught my eye:It says "Help the Wizards! Find the hidden Family Wand, Forbidden Book of Spells, and Stone Of Dreams!"

Now you have to listen to Jackie to get what I'm coming on to! In the spoilers is this:

Now do you understand me? But how do we find these items? Cinema? (which does have a Wizards Of Waverly Place thingy) Do we have to use proxies? Keep in touch, once I find out I will post it! :) If the items are for free you will also know!

Get more then the clothes!

Also get Avril's bracelet and perfume!

Will help for HotBuys Bazzar we've been able to get them! Know for the clothes you can just check the post below (Posted by Funky_ana) on how to get the clothes without using the proxy! Or you can use the manual proxy, your choice!

Anyways, do the following!
1. Change your manual proxy in and Port 80
2. Go to
3. Join the club and you get the perfume

4. Go down and on the right there is a case in which you have to invite one person. It doesn't matter who, then you have the bracelet.

Thanks Jenna, and good luck everybody! :D

Get Avril look! :]

Now I'll show you how to find Avril Lavigne stuffs in StarPlaza. ;]
They aren't free,just to let you know.Haha :P
So,to get dresses search:black and pink ~> dresses ~> page 11.
Tee and hoodie:black and pink ~>tops~>page 13.
Shoes:black and pink~>shoes~>page 14.
Skirt:black and pink~>skirts~>page 4.

Clothes are inspired by her new perfume Black Star.I have it[pic under ^^] and I think it's awesome.Even my friend say it smells like alcohol. -.-''
I heard you can get on sd that parfeume for free but idk how ;S


Hey it's Jackie! Sorry to go into Ana's Post I just wanted to post you can also find the Skirt! Just look for black skirt and then on page 3 you will find it!