Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Magazine Page

Stardoll has changed the magazine page for the winners. :O
I just wonder why it doesn't show the scenery and album winner under the sections it posted... it just shows the covergirl.

Take a look (The bottom part of the image is cut off, wouldn't let me get the whole image) :

I find it kind of refreshing! :)
What do you think about it should they have left it the old way?


katara4 said...

i saw it yesterday too... and i have to say: i hate it xDD
yes, i hate it, cuz the winners of the scenery & album doesnt show up, and i think this doesnt look like the magazine (but it isnt, right?) so i really prefer the old one... ^^

Hollymay06 said...

i like the change, except i do prefer the old page x

starszn said...

i like it! less complicated! haha i guess...not really :/
but still :]

Emma peel said...

I like it, but it is too confusing. Never-the-less, i'd learn pretty soon.