Saturday, August 29, 2009

Free Dart Board

Sorry this is late I was just looking for a proxy that was hack free and no viruses. Since and have been marked as not good I suggest you don't use this sites!

For the dartboard if you are U.S.A just visit then check your suite.

If your not in the U.S. then do this:

1. or any other proxies you know that work. (please tell me in comments)

2. go to and log in

3. log out and go back to your regular stardoll without the proxy

4. you should have it in a gift box! :)

Again sorry for being late, I wanted a good proxy that doesn't involve such a huge risk!!


naomi_b said...

its nice but just wondering where to put it!
any ideas?

katara4 said...

i got it already... but thx anyway ;)