Sunday, August 16, 2009

My improve :D

I know,I my last fev posts,I'm only saying that I'm busy and my posts have nothing to do with StarDoll anymore haha. :/ Do I decidet I need change.From tomorow,I will start writing about StarDoll,and if there won't be any news,I will do makeovers to users who want them. ;)

I'm also looking for someone who can make good banners in photoshop.If you can,add me on Stardoll(funky_ana) and I will pay 10-30 sd for banner you will make. :)


Cherries648/Neon said...

Err.. I`m alright at Photoshop.
I`m not the best, but I like my banners. (:
I`ll mail you.

Baileygirl1212 said...

You can see some of my work on my blog
Contact me on stardoll ;)

Zoe-Chic said...

I do banners. Yes you might be thinking "What! I'll never hire a non-superstar she's probably rubbish!" But please just check out my blogs ( &
I ask you what your fave colcours are and what you need on them and within an hour I will send it back to you.

I'f your interested please contact Theshinystar on Stardoll.
Zoe xoxo

katara4 said...

i contacted you as you know ^^