Saturday, May 30, 2009


So basically I have been really busy with the last week of school so I haven't been able to post. When I had the 300th post party unfortunatley NO ONE showed up! :( x 1000, So Idk if it was because of the bad time or what? So should I hold a new party? If so write in the comments your time zone so I can try and make it good for everyone.


Some people are..arghh...check names.. xD
And congraz Sahar. (:

And this is my little cat. <3
Ps is somebody please selling hearts bluse or leather jacket and is 100% safe??I pay ALOT and I might go first if you are on only safe lists. (:
But PLEASE,tell me. :D
I can't trade,and I can only pay in sms codes,each is 30 sd lol,so I think sds are the best way. (:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Loads longer?

Okay now Stardoll doesn't want you to decorate your suite over 100 items. Which is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. No shit it takes longer to load then the rest of the rooms. I am not listening to them. I'm keeping my over 100 items rooms. I mean they talk to us like we are stupid but the fact is they 'forgot' how to design clothes and you'll know why once you see the new clothes coming out to the Plaza. Anyone who has a big suite enjoy see that pop up in every room :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Clearing things up!

The party is now in my guestbook!

People were telling me I wasn't in the stardoll magazine but to prove you all wrong here it is:
Also our own Lauren also won!
PS: Happy B-day to Ashton.

Exclusive Interview

Many of you haven't heard of Timeless Magazine, it is by likwhoaitsmaria, Timeless hasn't been released yet but I have seen a spoiler of the cover and it is great!

Me- Purple Maria- Blue

How did you get the idea for Timeless?

Well, since the summers approaching, i thought about the free time i was going to have, so i just out of the blue decided to create a magazine!

What is the overall concept?

I just want to create a magazine that will be reader-friendly, and everyone will hopefully love.

When will it be released?

Im planning on releasing it in August

If you want to be a writer what should you do?

First off, you should join the club TimeModels, which although its a model agency for the magazine, im also using it as an update center for the news about the magazine since, because i'm not superstar at the moment, i can't create another club :(. Then they can write a sample article and send it to me, which i will then decide if they should be a part of the Timeless staff.

How is Timeless different?

Unlike other stardoll magazines, this magazine will be made entirely by paint. I don't own photoshop and since the magazine is just starting off, i can't hire a graphics designer.

Could you give us an exclusive preveiw?

I'm working on a spoiler now, which i will be revealing in TimeModels, so you just have to join to find out! haha. The Covergirl however has been revealed, its Mel (bluegreen86) which i'm so excited about, cause i think she's the perfect person to be the very first covergirl of Timeless!

Do you want to add something?

I just want people to understand that Timeless is not another Style or Eternity (it obviously can't compare too them!lol) I just hope everyone will enjoy it for what it is!

Another Party

Hey everyone, today is my birthday, 25.5.1995 Anyways, I want to have a stardoll party in TrendLounge to celebrate it, I want to have it at TrendLounge, but should I do it. I want to do it on Saturday 30th May, at 7.00pm GST, but im Australian and I dont know how long there is till that time to make the invitations. Should I? Comment in the comments, or mail me.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

To clear up the confusion..

I have read alot of blogs so far stating they got the free necklace from like a bag or a dress. I just wanted to clear up the confusion!

You got the free necklace if you were in AskPaulinaGirls. (club)
Paulina said once she reached a certain amount of members she would give out a gift to everybody, that was the gift.

This necklace:

It wasen't from a dress or a bag or ANYTHING Like that! It was from Paulina from her club AskPaulinaGirls. :)


Here is my Hot buys review! They are my opinions, you might have different ones, feel free to comment. I wouldn't mind! Plus when I see them out in stores, I might think differently! :)

The Hot Buys:

Hot Buys Cropped Jacket-Pretty in Pink- Kind of cute. I don't like how they used it on the doll though. Yet I'm sure somebody will come up with something genius!

Hot Buys Skirt-Rio- I like it! Kind of reminds me of the Paulina Porizkova skirt!

Hot Buys tube dress-Bisou- Like the colors, kind of baggy-ish. Nothing wrong with that but kind of take off because of that of that.

Hot Buys Bag-Bisou- Nothing really 'great' I love the color but I wouldn't say amazing. But it is cute.

Hotbuys sandals-Pretty In Pink- Cute. When I see them I kind of think...LE. I have no idea why!

Hot Buys Skirt-Bisou- Not really my style, the pattern I just don't like. Sorry, I'd have to pass.

Hot Buys Dress-Bisou- Now 'Darling' I can work with this!

Hot Buys Dress-Pretty In Pink- I am not really sure about this, when it comes out I will have to see. I am kind of on edge with this. Should I jump off or stay on?!

Hot Buys Watch-Fudge- Nothing wrong with it, I just don't think my medoll would check the time. :)

Hot Buys Bikini Necklace-Pretty in Pink-Sporty! It goes great with summer!

These are my short, yet reviews on the Hot Buys of May!

In the sale...surprise!

Vivienne Tam is finally on sale!
Surprise! Been a while for it. If you haven't bought the collection yet, are superstar, and have the money buy it now!
Or at least check it out!

You know you want to! :)
I mean come on...half price?!


There is a sale in the plaza, well it is starting! So save up now, they only last about a week. Also at the moment you have to actually visit the shop and can't just browse it! :) I am sure it will change soon.

Also, come to our party which Raine has posted about below!


Finally! I have figured out available times! It is sort of short notice though, sorry!
Time: 7:00 EST
Date: Monday May 25, 2009
Theme: Icons through the ages
Why: We have 300 posts!
Until: We feel like it!
Where: My (pink-penguin3)'s guestbook!
Best and worst dressed list will be posted. I am so sorry to people living in the UK, but this is when I can get on.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I went to the starplaza to notice something at the bottom saying "Starplaza- Archive" I was wondering what in the world could that be? When I went in I just saw the re-releases from a while. Then I saw some go green and Save the planet things, kind of explained it.

What do you think?

Poser Gone?

The user such*a*poser figured out some cheats like selling things for obscenely huge prices and making our medolls huge! I typed in her name this morning to see what she did now and I figured out she is gone! I understand why stardoll deleted her account though. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure her account was deleted before. And I heard she was a huge scammer. And the day she started that me and my friend started talking about how slow stardoll was running. I came to the conclusion that she went into their servers to make her medoll bigger. I guess we'll never know!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I realized I didn't change my banner for a while :P
Stupid uploader wrecks it though!
ps. Sorry for really short post

Maybe something new?

I went to which is approved and all from the actual Stardoll and I found what looks like a chat room. You post topics and people respond to them. Like our clubs. But as most of you know gets everything first for some odd reason!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've been doing ALOT of research on Stardoll lately since I've been at home, sick and doing that I was thinking of what it would be like to work there. It sounds like alot of fun to me! Like alot alot! I would love to work there! It's not glamorous but after I quit stardoll it would be really neat to do things on Stardoll. I see my future job now! Lol I wish it could be at the headquarters but I don't speak swedish. Soo don't be surprised if in 10 years you here the name Lauren Brose. Although I hope by ten years most of us have quitted this addictive site LOL.

Ps I found some REALLY good gossip about the workers but I'm not allowed to say :O It would be really mean and an invasion of privacy and if they wanted us to know something that big they would've told us. Actually I posted it on here then deleted it because one of my friends said that wasn't okay to share.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interesting Stardoll Facts

Female Workers: 43%(approx.) are female staff at Stardoll™
Male Workers: 57%(aprox.) are male staff at Stardoll™

Company size: 80 employees worldwide

The CEO of Stardoll, Mattias is 40 years old.
Mattias is also the CEO of Pizco

The median age for employees there is 29.

Matt Palmer, Executive Vice President & General Manager at Stardoll Entertainment Inc. used to be SVP marketing Disney Channel Worldwide at the Walt Disney Company

Stardoll's Headquarters: Hudiksvallsgatan 8
Stockholm, Stockholm 11330 


Yup Philosophy is released!

ps sorry no pics :(

Changes. ( ;

Have you notice it?

And probably all of you know about *sell for more than 60 sd* thing.
Read post at:
Even it's intresting,but I will never do it.Why?When Stardoll found that out,they will probablly delete you. :S

Medoll Makeover #2

So, you can probally guess I'm just getting bored now, but anyways, off with their heads. Here is two makeovers the first is N1mka4eva and the second is babii--giirl Enjoy. x

Monday, May 18, 2009

Medoll Makeover

Everyone else is posting Makeovers so why don't I do one?
I made over Clare (Cltreanor)


Medoll Makeover

My second post in a row. Woahoo, well I have given Danny (xodanigirlxosta) here it is. Do you like before or after? Vote in the box below. Thanks x


Hello everyone, I was just wondering that I have started designing my own pants on stardesgin, I was just wondering if I should start it, and sell my designs. I dont want to make/sell them if no one will buy them, so vote now. Thanks x

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Okay, when you see the title Loophole you immediatley think, "Oh great! Another loophole." I recentley got a message saying there is a new loophole. I actually think I know how to do the loophole but before I got to test my theory Stardoll fixed it, if I was right that means you don't have to install anything but don't trust me. I am not going to reveal it but if you want to know I may tell you in messages.


Also Jackie and I are working on the party it will be an Icon Party, but we are figuring out times.

Not A loophole!!

The altering prices is NOT a loophole. You can't even buy the items?
How do I know? Well a friend of mine posted on her blog exactly what it is and does. Good to know right? So now you don't end up going crazy over something that works! I know lots of people would probably give out rares for this, it's pointless.

Need proof? Click here.

She has used this price raising and knows about it. :)
It just lets you change the price that is all. Not buy or sell it, sorry.
So thank you PinkLady653 for posting this on your blog! :)

Another MakeOver

Makeover #2!

This time it's TatCinderella!

For her medoll she had a darker thing going on so I though "Hey why not go green?!" So that's what I did!

What I did for her look:
I changed the hair color to make it lighter and like kind of go with her doll. I had about three shades of green. Some green liner at the ends (Which you might not be able to tell) then just the other two greens. Of course I also added a green hairclip. :)
I loved Laura's medoll so much I was just going to add some accessories and go with it but then I thought why don't I do a completely different thing..?

Lets do your make-up!

Nothing new really on stardoll.
But I love that you can change other peoples make up!
Fionamcgonigle has made a blog ( Which she and many others use to do a before and after make over! :) Very neat I think. I was also featured when she first started it. Loved it!

So I decided to do a little myself, on Ashley251214! :)
If you don't like it and it's not your style, I completely understand.

She had such a beautiful medoll I had no idea what to do! So I removed every thing and started from scratch! Her eyes were so pretty so I decided to put some blue around them to make them POP! :) I also put on mascara and took off the fake lashes. I added some white liner aswell!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Do you want a party?

We are going to take a poll! :)

Do you want more polls? You are going to take a poll about taking a poll!

P.S. I have set it so you can't see the votes! When the vote is over, I will take a print screen with the results!


First note:

Whoooo! This is the 300 post, should we have a party? If so contact me, Pink-penguin3 with party ideas!

Second note:

3 people signed up for the DIY contest, The winner is Adrija88 contact me for you stardollars/gift.
Third note:
Please visit, give your support to Lauren, she is working really hard and I think the magazine will be great!
xx Raine