Saturday, May 23, 2009


Here is my Hot buys review! They are my opinions, you might have different ones, feel free to comment. I wouldn't mind! Plus when I see them out in stores, I might think differently! :)

The Hot Buys:

Hot Buys Cropped Jacket-Pretty in Pink- Kind of cute. I don't like how they used it on the doll though. Yet I'm sure somebody will come up with something genius!

Hot Buys Skirt-Rio- I like it! Kind of reminds me of the Paulina Porizkova skirt!

Hot Buys tube dress-Bisou- Like the colors, kind of baggy-ish. Nothing wrong with that but kind of take off because of that of that.

Hot Buys Bag-Bisou- Nothing really 'great' I love the color but I wouldn't say amazing. But it is cute.

Hotbuys sandals-Pretty In Pink- Cute. When I see them I kind of think...LE. I have no idea why!

Hot Buys Skirt-Bisou- Not really my style, the pattern I just don't like. Sorry, I'd have to pass.

Hot Buys Dress-Bisou- Now 'Darling' I can work with this!

Hot Buys Dress-Pretty In Pink- I am not really sure about this, when it comes out I will have to see. I am kind of on edge with this. Should I jump off or stay on?!

Hot Buys Watch-Fudge- Nothing wrong with it, I just don't think my medoll would check the time. :)

Hot Buys Bikini Necklace-Pretty in Pink-Sporty! It goes great with summer!

These are my short, yet reviews on the Hot Buys of May!