Saturday, May 16, 2009


No, I don't want to marry you! Silly goose!
It's just I was reading on a blog that skinny jeans were out? On a stardoll blog. And you know what?
I wear skinny jeans! In real life and on stardoll! And if that makes me not fit in, so what?! I do wear flats, converse, and wedges! I love gladiator shoes! If that makes me not fit it so be it! Because I rather not fit in to a site that people are so full of themselves. What's the point? Anonymous, if you want to criticize me because of this, I don't care. :) I am through caring. If somebody has something to say, go ahead. Because I can't let anybody's judgement hurt me, I will only listen to my own judgement. :)

Oh and I am random, rather be random then some boring person!

Oh and P.S. Just because I don't wear Chanel and stuff doesn't mean I don't have money or anything. It just means I don't wear it! :)


[(crazycaz07)] said...

how can they be out of fashion when everyone wears them?

DaddysAngel02 said...

Exactly! I think that person is just lost in what people think on stardoll ideas! You know? I wear skinny jeans, I love skinny jeans!

sushi_freak said...

cool congraz
plz check out my suite on stardoll

funky_ana said...

Same with me!
I don't buy something really expensive,I buy what I like.
And skinny jeans aren't out,I just bought green,pink,purple and red skinny jeans so NO OFC! xD