Tuesday, March 31, 2009

.She did it again!.

I really can't belive now.Yesterday,I made new presentation.I just didn't wanted that xxspongebobbx have same presentation as I do.She declined my request,so I start writing new presentation.10 mon after finishing,guess who come to me page!Today,I wen't to her suite,and guess what I found!She coppied all again.How can you know it's my presentation?I wrote that my safe list is to big so I put it in StarBlog.She also wrote that,but she don't have StarBlog.Really rude.Shame on you!

--->MY presentation (:
--->She coppied it
--->She wrote again 100% made by xxspongebobbx ):

New members, free stuff?

So somehow I ended up visiting a new member. How do I know they are new? I checked when they joined, today. Then I looked at there clothes and they were free! I looked them in the starplaza, I found the shirt, it was four stardollars. I tried buying it, I only have three, but It didn't give it to me for free! Haha, I would be so smart to try that!

I know these clothes aren't the 'greatest' but still.


Apparently the Administration owns a club called Clubs. Check for yourself.

Dot Part 2

Here is the second part to Dot! Again the credit goes to Stardoll Insiders
Oh and I finished a banner


Ahhh I'm freaking out!! The dot makeup is amazing!!!! I LOVE the lipsticks and the pencils!! OHHMEHHGAWDD! Let's take a moment to remember sephora..lol. I love the bright colors in this!! Wooo. picture from http://thestardollinsiders.wordpress.com

Monday, March 30, 2009


This is our 200th post! Also the next sponser on stardoll is Dove? Weird but okay......

xoxox, Lauren


I have a virus on my computer which deleted all my pictures and documents. I'll make a new one soon :)


Hi this is appleblossom00 (Katie) posting, sorry no header, I dont have it saved in this laptop.
First of all I'm sorry for the lack of posts
Again I'm very busy with school and my social life!

Anyways yes I have a comp in my club style-comps where you can win a lottery dress!
Yes a lottery dress, to enter you will have to join my club:
and then go to the top spot topic called
"want to win a lottery dress"
All the instructions are given in that topic.

So hope you will join in, and all the additional information related to the competition will be posted in the club and here, so keep your eye on the club and on this blog!

P.S. to enter the comp YOU HAVE TO JOIN CLUB:
and read the topic called:
want to win lottery dress

appleblossom00 (Katie)

.Scammer. :(

About 5 months ago,I was scammed by Estell_Padberg
She scammed me for 60,I know it's not much,but it's still money.She was blocking me,putting me on scammers becuase I put her.One day she unblocked me and say she will give me 60 sd back,I was happy,but then she said she want something rare.Yea right. :(
Then she wasn't online for like 2 months,she deleted account.Then she come back,tell me she will never give me sd back,how ugly MeDoll I have blablba.I know my MeDoll isn't awesome,but it's prettier than her.She has 18+,and she came to kids page to scamm.No heart. :(
Then when I told my friends about her,they ask her in Gb why did she scamm me,she was pretending like she don't know me.Now she block me again,and wrote in her presentation that I am scammer.Please report that bitch! :(

--->And you know when scammer tell to her friends that you scammed her and that she is safe?
Umm,today's request. :P

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Report her.xxspongebobbx

Ugh,don't you hate peeps who copy your presentation?
I found one girl who was rude in my club,so I visit her.I looked at her presentation,and saw she coppied all.She just change stuffs like year,name etc.Haha,I wrote:I collect DKNY,so please don't ask me to sell/trade it.She wrote:I collect Evil Panda,so please don't ask me to sell/trade it.WHO GIVES A SHIT FOR EVIL PANDA!???Ughh...And the worst what she does is that she wrote 100% made by xxspongebobbx.How rude! :I
Here are pics.
--->Can any of writers tell me am I still writing or!? : )

Ugh..who coppied your presentation? : /

Friday, March 27, 2009

Free Clothes!

Want free clothes?
Your in luck!
Today I went to the starplaza, clicked on the new section and noticed these 60 earth day clothes. (Don't know name)
I remembered on the front page when I logged in I saw something about that!
So here they are:

Oh no!

Sephora is leaving stardoll!! Our dear precious makeup is leaving!!! I bought a couple extra things and I almost own the whole the whole store! But some people might remember that in the spoilers was some mascara. Does this mean a NEW makeup store!! If so I hope they have lipgloss :D I guess we will see!

ps. I'm still not allowed on the computer.......it's my Spring Break and my mom is working during the day so I can go on the computer without her knowing :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Looking for Old HotBuys?

Hey,why is nobody writing? hehe :(
Anyway,I know Stardoll is full of collectors.I am DKNY collector,only DKNY.Sometimes I get HotBuys or MKA RC for cheap,so I put them on bid.Now I have 3 HotBuys dresses for bid:
1.Pink dress
-from February 2007 HotBuys
-Dress by Sara Luna
-Pretty in Pink
2.White dress with red flowers
-from April 2007 HotBuys
-Dress by Ella Girl
-Fudge Girls
3.Black dress
-from May 2007 HotBuys
-Dress by Nicole Miller for JC Per
-Pretty in Pink

Intrested in any? :)
Le me know. :D

Monday, March 23, 2009

Free :)

New Pets in MiniShop.One is free,so I bought it.I won't buy other because I decorate my suite in white-black-grey and other fashionable collors.That butterfly,even that doesn't look to me like it,is free.Other are cute too,I like Kitty and Jack Russel.Enjoy your butterfly, xD :]]

---->HotBuys pink dress is for bid.Highest bid is 120,can you go more? :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

OMG! emorox4eva is lucky! xD

I was on emorox4eva suite.And I oppened her closet,look what I found.Everything was doubled,I took only one pic.I wrote in her GB:How you have everything 2x?Then I come back to suite,and everything was normal.Ugh....So I delete question in her GuestBook. :D

Here is pic of Moni Moni x2

First LE season in StarPlazza

I found cheat how you can have 1st LE season in StarBazzar.Ofc,you can't buy it,but *you can touch it*.Hahah,just kidding.To show you this is new pic,I put Antidote t-shirt there too,and it come to StarPlazza fev days ago.LE is like 4 months old I think.Wondering how to have that?I won't tell you.Hehe,only to writers.Some of you may know this cheat,I found it on friend's blog. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aw thanks!

So I was checking all the friend requests that I can't accept and won't. Don't want to get hacked! But I was looking at one and it was this one:

It says:
Jennyrox-10 x
ew i hate your pigtails and your glasses make you look like a big fat NERD!

All I have to say is THANK YOU! It means my point has come across. Plus who could argue with this gorgeous medoll who sent me the message:

And you know what's funny? I'm not even a nerd. I don't have pigtails nor glasses, but I don't find it nerdy if you do! So go ahead and comment on my 'nerdy' medoll. I love it, so I really don't care.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Hi Im EXtremely sorry for the lack of posts!
My school has become a big burdon right now
Examinations and coursewroks and everything, Its just too much
I can't keep up, So my time on stardoll is very limited like 10-20 mins each day

But I really am sorry.
As you can see no header. Deleted it by accident.
But I will try to keep up but I dont think I will be posting ALOT untill the summer holidays (July)
But that does not mean I will not post, I will post but less
So till then take care.


.New HotBuys.

April HotBuys came.I don't like it,not my style. : /
BUT if you like it,start saving money for it,it will probably be expensive as everything now -.-

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Banned from computer

This is lauren and my mom took away my computer for a period of time. I do not know how long this time bit let's pray not that long. I'm on my iPod touch that is almost dead so I won't be on for a while!!!!!


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

OK so I thought hey don't we all get embarrassed at some points in our life? Your not the only one! Here are some embarrassing moments in other people's lives.
Window Whoops
"I was bored waiting for my mom to pick me up after school one day, so I decided to make funny faces at myself in a car's tinted window, lifting one eyebrow and snarling, mushing up my whole face, etc. After a few of my best ones, the window rolled down-and two guys from my school were sitting there cracking up! I was so embarrassed."
Grace Under Pressure
"I went to my boyfriends house for dinner for the first time, and I was really worried about making a good impression on his parents. We were passing around the plated of food, and when I though everyone had taken a share, I started to dig in. Mid mouthful, I realized that the whole family was saying grace. They all stopped and glared at me! Whoops!"
Parental Advisory
"My family and I were on vacation in Mexico over the summer. I was really psyched because they had let me bring my boyfriend along. They first day we were there, my guy and I went to the pool to hang out for a little bit before dinner while my parents stayed back in the hotel room to freshen up and get organized. When we got back to the hotel room, we walked in to find them having sex! I am scarred for life and I'm sure my boyfriend is too!"
More coming up soon!

Do the math!

Title catching you? I'm bad at math but still!

You know how Arna-rut did her 'detective' work about Zollie101?
Well if you don't check out gossip-stardoll.blogspot.com! Arna believes that Zollie is the one who wrote the Newest 'Burn Book'. Which I find went to far. But I was visiting Zollie101 today and went into her guestbook to notice at the bottom that there was somebody called BurmBookBiotch in it.

(Click to read)

Now I'm not the person who goes around blaming people, but still.

I don't think that a Burn Book creator would be mad if they blamed somebody else. It keeps them out of the trouble! In this person's eyes Zollie stole her work. But it just doesn't add up to me like that! I think I'm going to stick with Arna's 'detective' work with this one!

Just think about it!
Oh and two of the features Undamyumbrellla and Arna-Rut were told by Zollie101 they were in the book!!

Antidote Problem

As Jackie said some members can't buy 2 dresses in the new collection and one of those girls is ME! It's my account too. Not my computer because if I log onto another account it's different and I can buy it. But get this. I bought it on another superstar account and it disappeared! That's a rip-off!

New *desigsn make*

What you think?
I like it. : )

Stardoll Hits It Again

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hey Batter Batter SWAANG!
Stardoll hits it again a new Voile dress. I like it but I think its too much since they hit 1 million members there just greedy beezy's.
Look(P.S. Dont mind the striped I was a bit bored blah :P)
Tell me what you think!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Bis Bald.

Check-In Italin Mafia?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I just got a random add!
And they did'nt even visit me first?
I heard this was a sign that it might be a hacker?
But you know what new tool well not so new but thats next to someone that has visited you and you can add them just like that what if they do that and there's no such thing as "The Italian Mafia" and emorox4eva just got hacked randomly?
We need to keep our eyes open,
Just promise me you wont go unprotected!?! Promise me!
Ha got that from the Gym Teacher in Mean Girls!
Random just thinking about the So Called New "Burn Book"
Seems like its just for more Attention?

Bis dahin Sicher Und wieder xxx

....New 'writer'....//New Voile

Hey,I will write only this week so if I will be good,I will become 'forever' writer.I am Ana,you may know me on Stardoll as funky_ana.All what I was going to write what other writers allready post,so I don't have anything *fresh* for now.Hehe.So just let ya know I am here.

Anyway,just wanted to say that I don't belive in 'Italian Mafia' because hackers can be from any country.And if you don't wanna get hacked,hide your rares in storage for a while.As you see on my *posting* pic I have Collared,Broken and other,but you won't find them in my suite.Now it looks like I said where my DKNY is,don't worry,they are on other account that never had visitor.
And don't acceot or decline any request,just leave them there for fev weeks.I haven't accept or decline anyone for a week,now I have 100 requests.Lol,it's nerving me that friends icon is allways orange,but that is better than get hacked.Lol,I actually wrote something now. :)
Kisses,Ana :D

New Voile just came,I don't like them,to *grandma* wear,but I always buy that Voile and sell in StarBazzar.
Here is pic:
--->Click to see better ;D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slacker Stardollian?

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I don't know about you guys but I think Stardoll has been slacking A LOT this year and the past. Sure they had good new items but they just return old Hot buys and rare items that shouldn't be out. Its a good thing for those who haven't gotten these Hot buys and Rares but for the ones who have been searching all night and day for them I mean come on Stardoll has to get new ideas! Its not hard GOOGLE! They should do more couture items like "Chanel Couture" more "Yves Saint Laurent" inspired clothes. More designer labels for us Feminist's. They should really consider making new makeup too! Like the barbie collection that was released in M.A.C or the recently released Hello Kitty Collection in M.A.C they really need to get working cause I bet a lot of people are tired of returned items.
Lebewohl denn jetzt

The Italian Mafia?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Italian Mafia? Real or Phony?
Well I was recently talking to my bestfriend in real life and how I told her about the Italian Mafia on Stardoll and she was just like " Oh did you know my grandfather was in the Italian Mafia?" I was shocked! It is real but she said that she doesnt know if its real that there hacking Stardoll but there can still be a percentage that they are hacking Stardoll for rares and all other kinds. So there we have it The Italian Mafia is real! But do they really hack Stardoll? We have to figure this out.
So if anyone knows anything else about this Italian Mafia comment here!
Danke Viel Liebe