Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Looking for Old HotBuys?

Hey,why is nobody writing? hehe :(
Anyway,I know Stardoll is full of collectors.I am DKNY collector,only DKNY.Sometimes I get HotBuys or MKA RC for cheap,so I put them on bid.Now I have 3 HotBuys dresses for bid:
1.Pink dress
-from February 2007 HotBuys
-Dress by Sara Luna
-Pretty in Pink
2.White dress with red flowers
-from April 2007 HotBuys
-Dress by Ella Girl
-Fudge Girls
3.Black dress
-from May 2007 HotBuys
-Dress by Nicole Miller for JC Per
-Pretty in Pink

Intrested in any? :)
Le me know. :D


Anonymous said...

people righting u write stupid stuffs thats why

funky_ana said...

If I wrte doog,why dont u tell me your username? :P

funky_ana said...

lol I mean good,not doog xD