Sunday, March 22, 2009

First LE season in StarPlazza

I found cheat how you can have 1st LE season in StarBazzar.Ofc,you can't buy it,but *you can touch it*.Hahah,just kidding.To show you this is new pic,I put Antidote t-shirt there too,and it come to StarPlazza fev days ago.LE is like 4 months old I think.Wondering how to have that?I won't tell you.Hehe,only to writers.Some of you may know this cheat,I found it on friend's blog. :)


AC Viper said...

so you can put an item's id in the url to pick it up, but you cant buy it.
you can also pick up items from the minishop, and from the giftshop, and buy them.