Monday, March 30, 2009

.Scammer. :(

About 5 months ago,I was scammed by Estell_Padberg
She scammed me for 60,I know it's not much,but it's still money.She was blocking me,putting me on scammers becuase I put her.One day she unblocked me and say she will give me 60 sd back,I was happy,but then she said she want something rare.Yea right. :(
Then she wasn't online for like 2 months,she deleted account.Then she come back,tell me she will never give me sd back,how ugly MeDoll I have blablba.I know my MeDoll isn't awesome,but it's prettier than her.She has 18+,and she came to kids page to scamm.No heart. :(
Then when I told my friends about her,they ask her in Gb why did she scamm me,she was pretending like she don't know me.Now she block me again,and wrote in her presentation that I am scammer.Please report that bitch! :(

--->And you know when scammer tell to her friends that you scammed her and that she is safe?
Umm,today's request. :P