Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Italian Mafia?

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The Italian Mafia? Real or Phony?
Well I was recently talking to my bestfriend in real life and how I told her about the Italian Mafia on Stardoll and she was just like " Oh did you know my grandfather was in the Italian Mafia?" I was shocked! It is real but she said that she doesnt know if its real that there hacking Stardoll but there can still be a percentage that they are hacking Stardoll for rares and all other kinds. So there we have it The Italian Mafia is real! But do they really hack Stardoll? We have to figure this out.
So if anyone knows anything else about this Italian Mafia comment here!
Danke Viel Liebe


GiveLoveAChance said...

I think Italian Mafia in real life are different.

They are mostly called 'Italian Mafia' on stardoll because well some (NOT ALL ITALIANS AND THIS IS NOT A RACIAL COMMENT I AM PART ITALIAN) were hacking and the were well a Mafia.

xooRoxanneoox said...

True I see your point