Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yes, Yes, I know! I already posted about this on but this is about fashion so I decided I could post about them here aswell!

If you go to the starplaza right now, click new, there will be a pair of sunglasses for only 3 stardollars. Yes, you heard right, 3 stardollars!

I think stardoll must of hit there heads hard to put them this low, or are just being nice.

Back to the sunglasses, I think they are old Hot Buys. I am not very sure if this is correct. I could look it up

Hope your head feels better soon stardoll :]

Look here for the image:

Added some stuff

I would just like to let you know that I have added some new stuff on the sidebar like: can get free superstar membership using paypal
Chat box..leave comments, also if you leave a comment please don't spam many hits we have obviously!

I made a new Header for myself and the blog. :) I will probably be adding more.
Please if you like the blog follow it, that would be awesome!

I will be looking for one to two more writers. Crazi_babi* said she would like to write for us, but she will have to wait until after her exams.

I will be hosting a party, not sure when, sometime in January for sure!



Happy New Years Everybody! (not really 3,2,1 my time) I know that everybody has different times so I just want to say Happy New Years :D

Hope you enjoy those beautiful fireworks!I know I will, I love fireworks :]

I am making a new Stadoll Fashion Passion Header, I already made myself one. (seen above)

I just really can't wait for 2009! It's going to be amazing I know it!

Also check down a few posts for the spotlights!

MarsaL15's Spotlight

Well, Jackie picked one now I think it's my turn!I love SpriteAllie's outfits too cause I know how stylish they are but I was just looking around Lou's suite and show this amazing outfit you can see below...Lou is so creative and she always surprises me with the outfits she is thinking and does.Her outfits always seem very original,elegant and give out the real "Sense Of Fashion" plus she's doing very hard work to create them so I think she totally deserves to be featured here don't you think?Lou continue surprise us please! :)
And remember if you want to see yourself here just use your imagination!

Whats your favourite?

Im sure by now all of you have seen these fabulous new hotbuys, but I just wanted to share some of my favourite ones! I love all of this months hotbuys but I have some that I love more than the others.

My favourite hotbuys out of the above are:

The dress


I adore the bag

The skirt

I will be the first to buy those items Lol i think finally stardoll got their hotbuys right!


Hey if your a big DKNY lover then you better head to the starplaza because it has a huge sale, less than half price on all items!

Hurry before it goes away, it might just end as 2008 fades away.

Also this means that when these DKNY are vanished the new DKNY collection will arrive, Oh i can't wait for 2009 soo many exciting events taking place, also Jackie will be having a huge party in her GB, she will post the details her self i just can't wait for her party! Everyone you better be there, it will be a huge party to kickstart your 2009, soo keep checking this blog because jackie will post the details of her party!


Today I am doing our first spotlight.
A spotlight is were I take a very amazing outfit or just so cute and post it as spotlight.

The spotlight for today is:

SpriteAllie! I took her because I loved her oufit it looked more like a city or work oufit. Loved it.
Remember anybody can be in the 'Spotlight' just make sure you stay in your amazing outfits everyday :)

Agree with me? Look at her oufit below:

How Callie looks in Real Life?

As many of you have realised Stardoll has shown around a picture of Callie in reality.

Even though some people haven't seen it yet so since I searched and found this photo I decided to post it here.So here it's Callie sitting next to Dolly Parton's huge breasts.Many rumors heard that Callie was a 46-year-old middle-aged man when she's actually a woman as you all can see.

Anyway what's your opinion people? xx

Stardoll Fix Your Problems!

Arghh!I am really dissapointed from Stardoll Admin!

Another problem appeared it haven't been fixed yet...

Users don't get their Starpoints anymore, I am on for a long time and never got more than 1939 Starpoints for 2 days now.So many times I contacted Stardoll about this and other people did too and the only thing we get in return is this stupid message:


Thanks for your mail.

We are experiencing some difficulties with this item/this function.
We are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it as soon as possible.
We are sorry for the inconvenience!

Kind regards,
The Stardoll Staff

It seems Stardoll has a typical answer for all of the problems we're experiencing!And the worst is that this "We are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it as soon as possible" still hasn't been done!How long will we have to be waiting for fixing the problem Stardoll? :/

Free DKNY Dress!

I know Jackie (DaddysAngel02) has already made an article about that but have you all seen this below?Except the new DKNY Free Dress which came at Starplaza and it's available to be bought from Superstars and Non-Superstars too, the other DKNY items have half price now than they used to...I think Stardoll did this to warn us and make way for the new DKNY Collection which is coming soon this year!So I am very optimistic for the new items and we all should be since as many people say the new Collection is going to be a phenomenal SUCCESS!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ello! Just some quick news.
Like I said The Free DKNY is in the starplaza.

I think for the blog I will take about two more writers, for now.
I want to do a trendsetter/spotlight every week.
I was also thinking maybe the whole team (the writers) could all like do a outfit of there own like using the starplaza items like AppleBlossom00 did for her LE Look-a-like. That was very nice,btw.

Also I made a new header, I will probably change it MILLIONS Of times!The one I have now the background is a kind of old style :]

DKNY Location

The DKNY Free dress is in the starplaza. I think it is only for New Years Eve and New Years, so I've heard. The dress is for free superstar and non-superstar! Go and get it!

My opinion on this dress:
Very nice dress, I think it was nice of stardoll to give it free, maybe they should of gave us more (Just kidding). I really like this dress though and will be wearing it alot.

Look at the image below:

New Voile Gift Dress!

Here is the new Voile Gift Dress (Voile Tube Balloon Dress).I had already made a spoiler picture for it before but now I got this message I am able to see it to you :)

From now it is available to be taken by buying Superstar Membership as you all know...I don't know if it's going to be rare but we'll learn it soon!For now enjoy it!


(Information and picture from, Written in own words)

Ever wanted Free DKNY? Your in luck! On New Years Eve And New Years stardoll is giving away a Free DKNY Dress, you have probably seen it before it has been on many blogs!I heard it only takes a minute or two so don't be like who would spend New years on stardoll? It only takes a second!

This is the free dress you get:

LE Passion

You know the 'Oh So Amazing' LE Collection?
You better start saving up your money again!
There is going to be a new collection coming soon!
Maybe stardoll will lower the prices just by a little,so some people can afford it!
We are just going to have to wait and see!

Also my banner is just a back-up for the moment
Look at the conversation between Monroe... and angelz43

LE style For cheap!
Hi First of all i would like to thank Jackie (daddysangel02) for letting me be a writer for her new blog, I will try my best to give you guys my 100% potential and keep you up to date with all the stardoll fashion and more.
So lately I was just searching around starplaza and i came up with a look which kind of reminded me of the LE outfit, so I decided to take a shot and show you guys that we can make LE style but for cheap. So take a look at the picture below and make your own LE for cheap.

Doesnt it kinda look similar so if you want this LE look heres what you need to buy:
1: stardoll girls button pinafore
2: rio chicas rio dress
3: pretty in pink pantyhose
4: philosophie satin lace-up stiletto boots
5: voile ladies crystal coverd clutch
And your LE look is ready for only 29 stardollars.

Monday, December 29, 2008


As you noticed I have been adding stuff to the side. Please become a follower! I am making a new header for the blog so it's just the plain one they made. I will probably pick a different template not on this site, it will look better.

Again I need some fashiontasia that are great writers/editors!

I think I am going to make a party after New Years But it will be to celebrate New Years!

Xo. Come Back soon.

Starting Something New

Hello! I am starting a new Fashion Passion blog for stardoll. This will not have latest news on it that's what is for! Check it out!
I am going to have a New Years Party for this blog soon even though I just started it. I probably won't be able to handle all of you fashiontasia's by myself so maybe I will have some people write with me!
I am still going to be organizing this blog out so if you see all these different changes, it might start of bad, but it will be alot better!

Some things you will see on the blog sooner or later:

Great fashion
Maybe some spotlight on people
I will probably write about and about it's happeninings

More... :)

Please become a follower I know there is nothing to be following right now but soon there will be!