Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MarsaL15's Spotlight

Well, Jackie picked one now I think it's my turn!I love SpriteAllie's outfits too cause I know how stylish they are but I was just looking around Lou's suite and show this amazing outfit you can see below...Lou is so creative and she always surprises me with the outfits she is thinking and does.Her outfits always seem very original,elegant and give out the real "Sense Of Fashion" plus she's doing very hard work to create them so I think she totally deserves to be featured here don't you think?Lou continue surprise us please! :)
And remember if you want to see yourself here just use your imagination!


DaddysAngel02 said...

Lou is amazing at making these outfits. :)

appleblossom00 said...

I think lou is so creative, she is best at making her outfits from minishop items!