Saturday, January 31, 2009

So Be It!

Hey :)
I got some request earlier, I was accpeting/declining, I came across one that I kept for the end and took a screen shot of.
A girl had requested me saying "your a showoff you mongee" first if taking pride of who I am and stuff I have is being a showoff then SO BE IT! Second what is a mongee? Is it suppose to be monkey?
Oh here I go again with the 'You don't know me, so don't even judge me!' I'm serious if you are going to judge me on what you see on a virtual site, you must have low character. No, I'm not judging you, but I would just think 'low-life' that's what I think of scammers!
So to all those people out there, I DON'T CARE :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Latest News!

Sorry for not posting for ages, but as you know my exams have started so I need to be considered on that. Anyway here are some latest news:

First of all the HB Jacket is finally out on Starplaza but it's quite expensive, 11$ and only for Superstars unfortunately.

Secondly I guess you've all seen the new broadcast system and Katie posted about this already and I totally agree with her, I don't like it, I prefer the previous one. How about you?Plus a new voile giveaway dress is coming as I checked the spoilers . Admire it:

New broadcast system..stupid!!

Hiya first of all im sorry i have not been posting much because I do not come on stardoll as much, i have told you that before..But today I'm sick and im on stardoll all day :(

Anyway I noticed that the broadcast system has chaneged, Well to me its kinda pretty but stupid! see it for yourselves....
So errmm you just click on A, B e.t.c....and u get words and you drag them in, What do you think of it??
I personally think its pretty but stupid!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Design Street!

So, we've disccovered the new addition to Design Street....Styling Studio!

Great Stardoll, thanks, we already had that in games!

Personally - I dont get it! :)

What do you think?


Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hey all =]
Sorry I havent posted in god knows how long, I just haven't had the time recently.
Sooo....there isnt much going on fashion-wise ATM... although I noticed that the shape of the new hotbuys skirt was a bit...well. odd.

Allso, I've just started designing, and I just wanted to get a few opinions!
So check out my suite, I'm in the room with most of my designs so yea, check it out.

--- terminated ---

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What is happening?

If you don't want to hear the truth reality of stardoll, don't read :) Thanks!

Anyways, I admit if it's a boring slow week, drama can be fun, but not when it gets to far. I am not a drama fan, I get my name thrown in drama, BAM.
I don't care if you don't like me, you don't know me, most likely you never will.

First thing that starts drama
Elite-Non-Elites-Wannabe Elites

What's the point?
It's a virtual site!
Most people get elite by:
1.Sucking up to elites who are elites because of there friends or because of there rares
2. Wannabe elites all they do is find a way to be elite, which includes Sucking up!!!!!
3. When people aren't elites people make fun of them: SHUT UP! Okay? Being popular on a virtual site does nothing!

I have some friends who have admitted to wanting to be elite, I respect them for telling the truth.
But when it's that obvious you want to be and you lie. You lose my respect. Oh who cares? You should!

Rares, Rares, Rares
Boy do I love rares!
Another target for D-R-A-M-A!
There are the scammers aka Low life losers!
The people who have all the rares, yet are still not happy!
People who have some and are pretty happy with it!

I mean I love my rares, don't get me wrong.
But it can go crazy.
Auctions, trading, so forth.
Some people just want rares, to be noticed. (Won't work)
But best of luck biiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttcccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhes! (Sorry had to write that)

This is all for real! Don't like it? Aw to bad :) That's the reality of stardoll!:) I'm sure you knew that already! Let's move on...

Speaking of cheats, heard of the new on to activate your account over?
Cheats seriously make people LOSE IT!
Don't believe me?
People blackmail because of cheats, learn from the past of the loophole!
If you know a cheat, don't tell people, only the people YOU trust!
Unless of course you want people blackmailing you, then go straight ahead :)

Maybe I'll write more :)
If you comment saying it's stupid and I'm annoying. I don't care if you put it anonymous or not :)
P.s. if it's anonymous don't even attempt, I won't take it seriously!

Friday, January 23, 2009

She's back...

No not the BBB, not Olsenkate, even if they both are back! I'm talking about Teale, her account Hifof is activated again! Don't believe me? Search her!Maybe stardoll is giving back the peoples accounts who were inactive? Hifof/Teale did nothing wrong, Olsenkate is the other dirrection.
Every since Olsenkate scammed me and is being a lying bxxtch about it I thought I'd mention that (Sorry for language). I don't think they should of given her, her account back. She already made like 5 other accounts that she scams people on!Thought I was in peace, guess not!!
I hope hifof is able to catch up with her friends,although I heard she was able to use her account, just nobody was able to access to her.

Look here:

(Image above is Hifof)


Hiya Yes I'm leaving!!

I'm leaving for the better!

I'm leaving because now my GCSE are comming up (that's something in England) and stardoll is a MASSIVE distraction, in order for me to concentrate on my study I will have to make this bitter decission!

I'm not leaving forever, this does not mean that I will never come online. I'm just going to come online on weekends and maybe on weekdays for 5-10 mins, So fortunately I will still be in contatc with my good friends. On weekdasy I will only come to check my messages and keep up to dat with stardoll but on weekends I will come online for 1 or 2 hours to catch up. So I'm not leaving permenantly. I'm just comming on alot less!

Secondly I know most of you will say Ohh your leaving would you give me your account or rares?
The answer id no because Im not leaving forever im just comming on less!

Finally I still want to be in touch with this blog so I can post Some importatnt stuff on weekends, So you will see me here but alot less. Because believe me sooner or later all of us have to leave slowly I mean you can't stay on stardoll forever even when you have your own kids? LOL

So yah This is not exactly a good bye because im not leaving for ever but I just wanted to tell you that im only comming alot less, this is for my own good!
I love you all and I will hopefully stay in contact on weekends.
Thanks to all my great friends on stardoll, especially Jackie and Eftychia!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spotlight+Awesome girl

Know xodanigirlxosta?
She's amazing isen't she?
She is so much fun to talk to and her medoll is so pretty!
Surprised she hasen't won covergirl yet! Seriously, I would think she would of won like 3 times already!
But stardoll just randomly chooses :P (Most likely)

Not only is she so many of those things, she is also an AMAZING Collector!
Don't ask her for her items, I'll even answer for her, NO!

(Danny if you are reading this, please check out my starblog)

Please respond!

Hiya I know what im going to say now has nothing to do with news or fashion, it's basically for myself. But since stardoll is getting boring I have decided to Re-start my Lottery dresses hunt!
I currently have Lindsey, Lopez and Lily cole black/white
And I'm hoping to collect more, So if you are reading this and have a lottery dress or know anyone who has a lottery dress, then please inform me in my GB or in a friend request my username is appleblossom00

And if you do not know how they look like then theres 20 different kind of lottery dresses and theres thousands of copies of them, so heres a picture of all 20....

So if you have or know anyone wh has these tell me!
I pay huge!!


OMG! Have you checked out Stardoll Magazine?Today SingingMermaid posted her article there.Yeah definitely, I bet you know her she's the well-known designer and one of the most popular users on Stardoll.Recently a girl asked Callie to feature singingmermaid on Stardoll Magazine and Callie said yes so now was her time to shine even more.I must admit she's a great designer and she has any right to share her style and ideas with us since many people like her and getting inspired from her.

But my point is not this, it's just that I believe Stardoll should give a chance to all of us to write an article on the Magazine not only to popular members, because we have some good things as well to share with others don't you think?I mean I think Stardoll should create a place in the magazine where all the users can make an article and the best ones can be posted in the magazine.I guess this would be awesome since many of us dream to be an author at the magazine just for one time..So why don't we mail Stardoll about this?I think if many people support it they can hear us and do what we want! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hiya I was sooo bored today on stardoll so I just went around dressing dolls, and suddenly I was shcocked when I entered an unknown place, Of course it was new.... It's the new "styling studio"
This unique new styling studio lets you make a wrdrobe of your own and save it for others to dress you up, COOL!

Btw I tried making a studio of my own and it doesnt let me because it uses tooo much internet speed and memory that my internet freezes and stops working, anyhow I will fight and make one today i dont care if my internet crashes :D
anyway heres how it looks like...
Just go to the start page then go to the bottom and theres a thing writte "other catogeries" in there is a thing called "styling studios" click on that and tadda you have it.
Enjoy and comments please

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

February HB's!

New February HBs are coming on Starplaza by the end of January!You can check out the Stardoll Magazine to learn more!

The dates each item is going to be realised:

Hot Buys Collar - 2nd February
Hot Buys Boots - 3rd February
Hot Buys Skirt - 6th February
Hot Buys Cardigan (Purple) - 9th February
Hot Buys Bag - 13th February
Hot Buys Cardigan (Grey) - 16th February
Hot Buys Necklace - 2oth February
Hot Buys Trousers - 20th February
Hot Buys Top - 23rd February
Hot Buys Belt - 27th February


Monday, January 19, 2009

a brilliant idea

I have this amazing idea I just need your help.I was thinking that stardoll needs a hair salon were we can create our own custom hair styles by making our styles by being able to cut and style our dolls hair.We could also choose the texture of our hair.All I need is for everyone who reads this write to stardoll telling them about this salon and make sure to include every little detail that I mentioned above.That way they might actually make it.So if you like this idea plz help me out.


Spoiler, WHO IS SHE?

I went there we can find the spoilers and saw this as a new Doll who is coming...
Are you able to guess who she is?If yes then write it in a comment!
I have some thoughts of who can be but want to be sure before annouching it, so if you know tell us! :D

what do u think?

I am considering releasing a fashion line.I made this dress it supose to look like it is covered in silver sequins.Would you buy it?

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Qtjoy1-This girl is simply amazing. How would I know? She's one of my bff's. Joy is an amazing person, she's nice,sweet,funny and so much more! I probably wouldn't know what to do without her, she is so guiding. If you aren't her friend, guess you are out of luck!
I do have lots of friends, but without her, it just wouldn't be the same.I mean it Joy!
I will most likey feature other friends too, I can't feature all :) Sorry.

Joy your collection is amazing as well :) If you ever need anything I am always here for you. Of course, sometimes at different times,depends on time zones. :) Haha.

I could probably write a book on how amazing Joy is,but I'm going to end this now :)

Joy below:

Expect, the unexpected

I am going to be doing, various of things the next couple of months.
There is school of course, the blog, my looks, AskPaulinaGirls(Paulina Porizkova's club).

The Blog
MarsaL15 is going to be making a header for us, it will be amazing. Thank you :) I will be taking in one more writer, in the future I will probably take more,for now I need one writer. I will not randomly hand this out, please message me if interested.

My Looks I am trying many different things out, like I use to but then I decided I won't change as much, even though I do anyway!

AskPaulinaGirls Wow. I love her club TONS. Giving advice to people who need it just is not explainable. We have many cheaters in this club,I'm sure Paulina can notice this. I think you shouldn't give advice just to win a prize, you should give advice because you know it's helping somebody out.

So be ready for the unexpected.




Mario (dodence_bt) is the 2nd person after .Runway.Fashion. who managed to make a dressup game fulled with the new DKNY FallWinter 08/09 Collection.All the pieces are made by him as you know since he's a professional talented fashion designer.I must admit Mario prepared the new Collection only in some days when Stardoll keeps remodeling the DKNY store for like a month now or even more.If you want to play the dressup game (the model is Rihanna as you can see) you can to and leave your email in a comment and the post he made about it so he can send it to you and try it. (Only people with Photoshop can view it and play it)



My blog! :)

Thank you Jackie for letting me doing that and I really appreciate it :)

So, I made this post to tell you I have made a blog for Stardoll and it's called Stardoll Gossip Mania. You can visit it by clicking here:
It's a blog including everything new about Stardoll! (gossip,news,spoilers etc.)
So take the chance to check it out and believe me you won't regret it!
I hope you'll like it and if you have a blogger account, please become a follower or leave some comments.
Thank you and have a nice day :)

Bazaar mess up.

I was looking for some (not-so-great) bargains in the StarBazaar and found...
The Tube Sofa!
Wrong place, I think, Stardoll. I want clothes, no sofas!
Yet another stardoll glitch...tsch!
Come on stardoll - get it right!


Saturday, January 17, 2009


New Real Celeb Doll Is Coming and It's Britney Spears 3!


P.S. Spoiler is officially my OWN WORK.That means I found it by myself in case anyone blames me for a COPY :)

Seeing things from my own side...

The last post Katie (appleblossom00) made for her friend touched me really strongly. I was about to cry and I still am when I heard what this girl had passed.Just wanted to tell you that in Greece, where I live these things are not unusual either.

But the reason I made this post is because recently in Greece (before Christmas) the police and some strange people had a battle, what can I say?Something like enemies?Well, in this battle a 15-year-old boy lost his life unfortunately and some of my classmates at school knew him, he was the best friend of a girl in our school and this girl was crying all day long...People did protests and for more than 2 weeks the whole Athens was burning...
This made me saw how hard life is because this boy wasn't have any relationship with these people just went there to be in his friend's birthday.
But who cares right?At least the policeman who killed him didn't!Just took a gun and shooted him without thinking anything..Of course then he tried not to be blamed, he didn't even say sorry or apologised.This made me mad cause I cannot stand why people do things like that!Just CANNOT!In this world you'll find 1/1,000.000 people who is good and caring!And this is never gonna change!NEVER!

P.S. Just wanted to show you how I feel right now.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Yikes... late for the spotlight! Sorry, again writers, I said this for the 3rd time, not trying to be mean, just PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR SPOTLIGHTS!

Now on to the spotlight, *Drum roll*

The one.. the only..


You better watch out, because Mike is in town!

Mike wouldn't be caught in something rubbish. *Cough* Drama little mama *Cough*

When I see this outfit I picked for spotlight, I think Madonna. I'm not sure, it just pops in.

Take A look:

You thought I was kidding?

Mike, you rock :) Love ya!

Comments? Post them below :D


Damn, this isn't good.

The newest Hot Buys dress (which I am in love with, even though it has been laminated) is 14 Stardollars!
It really is Stardoll Payback Time.
^^ woops. Cut my head off. ^^
Ok, I can understand if the price for the dress was up, since everything else has been so cheap (woop woop) but 14?? Isn't that a bit too much?

Stardoll have officially lost their marbles.

x x x

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Stardoll Startpage! (Only for some minutes?)

First of all I just made a new header.Do you like it?I personally love it!
Also the HB earmurffs are now on Starplaza available to be bought, some really old clothes came back as well including the HB pink rare nightgown.
Plus a new Stardoll Startpage was realised.After a few minutes I logged in today I saw it and decided it to posted here.After a short while this disappeared.What's happening?
See below.What do you think?

Monday, January 12, 2009


Sorry for not posting for so long, but it was first week at school so I had so much to do and you now things in real life are more important.Now I found some free time to post here.Well, I was looking through people's suites and when I visited Dei (To_Royal) I saw this amazing outfit and though"She should definitely be featured!".

Deidra has always so many ideas and surpises us with her prototipical outfits.This is another great job from her, as you can see.An outfit nice combinated with clothes and the main colour which is black (my

Opinions? xx