Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hiya we all know steelone has told us all on her presentation that she will be leaving stardoll, Well she has said that for a long time and today I went to see what was going on around her page and I noticed that she had left a final note in her presentation, closed her GB but it still said seen 1 minute ago!Hmm what's going on because I really don't want her to leave because she has inspired me alot through her unique fashion sense, so HAS she left or is she still thinking?


Anonymous said...

She did.
It's just Lou can access in her account every time she wants to.
Steelone said this and you can make it sure by visiting her magazine's blog.

appleblossom00 said...

OHH i did not want her to leave because she has inspired alot of people inclusding me, I Wanted to see more of her!