Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chinese Mooncare!

Hi by now I'm sure all of us know about the COOL Chinese stardoll were everything RARE is available in the Plaza, Kind of unfair but anyway, there is a mooncare in Chinese Mooncare and Here's the gifts you get...

Well isn't that the DKNY Iron jacket??
See that brings us back to the whole UNFAIR STARDOLL!
Why is Chinese stardoll different from us?
Why can't we have the same stardoll?
We should go to protest!

Haha, anyway the picture was taken from
I have also found out how to Translate the Chinese stardoll, I will post that in my Next Post till then take care!


lizzie1393 said...

i'm not a big dkny fan but i don't think it's fair that they give away rarer and better things to them and not us.