Saturday, January 3, 2009


I had a mail today asking how I made my two tone tights. Well....
1) Choose two colours - my example ones will be red and blue.
2) Put the red on the base (REMEMBER - it doesn't have to be red)
3) Take the large square and make it as big as it goes, then turn it blue.
4) Place it half on, half off of the material.
5) Click choose. Place the tights half on one colour, half on the other colour. (Note, the tip of one toe will cross onto the other colour, but dont panic...theres always shoes!)
6) Sew + Buy!
They are a really good piece to have in your wardrobe. Use contrasting colours like Purple+Yellow, Red+Green, Blue+Orange. You can do so many combinations. They are great! I like to put my punk tights over the top - it looks great. Look good with a white dress, black dress, or a dress that matches one/both of the colours. I did a picture for you....Its tiny, I know, but click it ;)
Sorry - no header, I saved something under the same name and it kind of deleted it :S
Making another one now

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