Sunday, January 4, 2009

HeadBand Idea!

I have seen many people came out with this idea!Even I used!

The person who inspired us all and who was the first creating it was Ellie (fakeshake3). By wearing it and putting different kind of accessories etc. many people thought it was/is awesome and thought to use it too.What's your opinion?Personally I love it! :)

Leave a comment! :)


Muffins0012 said...

I Think Thats So Cool! Add Me My User Name On Stardoll Is
Muffins0012 and you can ask me questions...

MissBabz96 - Abbie said...

Its really clever. I thought there was a new hairstyle in the Styling Studio! Then I saw it published around that it was headbands, I was stunned! It's very original. I might try it myself actually.