Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hiya on stardoll I have been asked the same question soo many times and the question is HOW DO YOU GET THE TWO TONED SMOKEY EYE SHADOW?

Well its simple, So I decided to do a step by step guide on how to get that effect, so here goes...
Step 1: Get a white eye shadow and apply it on your eyes as dark as possible, to apply it dark you apply it once then put it back into storage then apply it again and keep doing that untill you think its dark enough

Step 2: Apply any dark colour you like on half of your eye, I have used kat von D purple colour

3: That's just to make it look extra couture just add white or blue or any nice eye pencil ONLY on the buttom of the eyes

4: apple black eye liner on top of your eyes

5: add lashes and there you have your look! You can add more things if you wish because I just did a quick snapshot to show you.

I know in the large images the eyes look not soo pleasing but once you have saved your medoll go to your suite and you will love the look you have just created, heres how mine looks after saving it!Hope you enjoyed this and remember always experiment with makeup!
Because being yourself is being couture!


Anonymous said...

Awesome :) XD

MissBabz96 - Abbie said...

I would do that but my laptop won't let me do makeup :( I'm gonna keep trying!!
Really good.


appleblossom00 said...

thanks u guys.x