Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hiya I was sooo bored today on stardoll so I just went around dressing dolls, and suddenly I was shcocked when I entered an unknown place, Of course it was new.... It's the new "styling studio"
This unique new styling studio lets you make a wrdrobe of your own and save it for others to dress you up, COOL!

Btw I tried making a studio of my own and it doesnt let me because it uses tooo much internet speed and memory that my internet freezes and stops working, anyhow I will fight and make one today i dont care if my internet crashes :D
anyway heres how it looks like...
Just go to the start page then go to the bottom and theres a thing writte "other catogeries" in there is a thing called "styling studios" click on that and tadda you have it.
Enjoy and comments please