Sunday, January 11, 2009

Talent and MORE TALENT!

Hiya it's now common to use minishop to creat a stylish outfit, But today I saw a very STYLISH outfit which actually expresses other person's feelings.WOW cool huh??

I was going around Nmka4eva 's suite and I noticed she had created a dress with minishop items, and she had made a unique medoll also,which both combined together expressed her feelings.The feeling was kinda sad because she had created a very stylish outfit which speaks in your mind. here see it for yourself...

What feeling do you get from this, It's amazing that she has come up with a cool way of showing her feelings. WOW TRue talent!
I absolutely love it!

also See her outfit is soo acurate, that it really does show that she is sad because i was just talking to her and she said she is Exteremly sad, depressed and lost..hmmm you all must be wondering why she is sad well it's a very tragic and SAD story. She said that her grandad has cancer and will only live for a few days. OMG! She also said the REAL TALENT COMES FROM THE HEART and whatever she feels she PORTRAYS it on herself by clothes!!
OMG I soo agree with that, she is a real inspiration. I hope your grandad gets better soon, And me and everyone else is there to help you through this, I most certainely am (did i spell that right)..I swear this girl has talent!!!....

Later on she also mentioned that the outfit shows she is kind of trapped,which she really is.I mean wow this is a true talent I have ever seen on stardoll, EVERYone she deserves a big appluase, and i mean it applause now if your reading this!! (did i spell that right too, whats wrong with me)..anyway CLAP PLEASE!!!

comments please!


Anonymous said...

I love that people think i have talent and like the way i do the make-up!
Thks for featuring me i feel so special :P
Loves to all,
N1mka4eva xxxxx

appleblossom00 said...

Your welcome I just thought that ur outfit was amazing it just showed your feelings, and trust me we dont get that many outfits that speak!

DaddysAngel02 said...

One word:


:D :D :D

appleblossom00 said...

jackie please read the post again i added some big news in their about n1mka4eva u will be crying!!!

arna-rut said...

Shes very talented :)

DaddysAngel02 said...

Her outfit does express alot. Katie you are very nice :)

I agree with Arna :)

appleblossom00 said...

Thanks Jackie, But I really think she deserved it,TRUE TALENT RIGHT?

DaddysAngel02 said...