Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's happening!?

Is it just my idea or the whole Stardoll messed up?It seems people can't stand this virtual site anymore and start leaving the one next to the other.This time is Mario (Dodence_bt) who says a "friendly" goodbye to people who made him leave Stardoll...
You can look to where I got the info to see and learn more.

Here it is what he wrote:

Hello my dear pathetic Stardollians. You all know that this is a bad virtual world and we have to leave... sooner or later.... :)I decided to go, not because of the crazy bitches that hate me, but because I'm fed up with this virtual world. I will like to say couple of words for my best friends:
-Lou: She is a really good girl, although she was avoiding me lately. I wish you all the best Lou! :)
-Mary: You are a fucking pathetic bitch and you really don't deserve to live, so I will just say the word; die! I hate you very much and I'm glad you fired me from Eternity ONLY because I was supporting Fay and I hope you won't suceed anything in your life and just be a fucking slut for the rest of your life!
-Angie: My dear stupid Angie who suceeded in the intention to destroy my life. You are a pathetic bitch like Mary, although you're smarter. I hope you're happy now whore!
-Claire: You have a good personality although you're just a stupid wannababe. You wanted to make clothes like me do you were hanging with famous people just to be one. I don't want you to feel bad about this, I really love you as my friend, and I am going to miss you.
-Arna: You are my true best friend here my sweet, little Arna...... we share every secret and I am not deleting you from my life.... we are always going to talk and be best friends forever! You are the best person I met on stardoll and I'm glad we became best friends. I really hope we will see eachother someday... :)
And last, but not least... my "biggest friend Alex"! I thought you were my best friend you bitch, but you're just a pathetic spoiled little kid! Go and hang out with your best friend Angie now. Oh and btw, IF YOU EVER NEED YOUR DICK TO GET SUCKED, FEEL FREE TO COME OVER TO MY HOUSE!Thank you everyone for being so nice to me. I'm sorry I didn't have more time to know you all! And I am going to miss you all! Fay, don't let that whore Mary humiliate you! I believe in you and I know you're going to win!Adios, my friends.... don't you ever forget me! :D

Believe me, 2009 is a bad-tasted year so far because it seems all these I call "scandals" have just started taking action!