Thursday, January 1, 2009


Since everybody else is doing there outfits I thought I should aswell.
This outfit I wanted to make that non-superstar can see that they can make cute outfits without superstar privileges.
This outfit is a bit..different. It's just because I am more used to using superstar items!
The outfit is more of a work outfit you could say.

Look here:

The items in the are:

Stardoll Vest,Brand is Stardoll, Price-5.
U Neck Tank, Brand is stardoll, Price-4.
Skinny Jeans,Brand is stardoll, Price-5
Clutch,Brand is stadoll, Price-4.
High Heel Stiletto,Brand is tingeling, Price-5.

The total cost is:27. (Says 18 because I own the shoes)

The outfit is not to over the top, but it's a cute work outfit.