Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lotteries VS LE

Hiya I know that LE are going to be REALLY RARE clothes but we also know how rare the LOTTERIES are, So here I want to see what you guys like the most. If you ask me I like LE more because it is unique and glittery I just love it, So my vote goes to LE but I want you guys to vote either LE or LOTTERY in the comments, and in 1 weeks time I will count the votes and tell you what's mostly loved by stardoll members.

Also when Le were released I saw many people were selling Their Mka RC and Lotteries for money so that they can buy LE. So what's your opinion.

Also a little advice that I have been told by Jackie on this blog that new LE collection will be arriving very soon so if you really love LE then you must start saving now!
I know for sure that Im not spending my money on anything until LE come out, even if I have to wait for months!


lizzie1393 said...

I'd have to say Lotteries but I do love LE too. I only have 58 stardollars so if anyone can help me raise money for Lotteries or LE thanks! =]