Tuesday, January 6, 2009


OMG I was just searching around the Chanel website and I thought I should go check the fashionshow tab and I clicked on the Haute Couture fall-winter 2008/09

I know this was like a few months ago but I just LOVED some of the BEAUTIFUL designs so I thought I will post some of my favourite ones here. I loved the whole collection but there are some which I thought had to be featured here, so here they are...
I know the pictures are not very clear because I had to take shots while it was playing, anyways what do you think?
I sooo love them!...Im not a fan of that face frame thingy but the clothes are amazing, strangely all their models had the same hair styles?

Would'nt it be soo cool if stardoll released clothes like that.. I mean I would freak if they did because They are sooo HAUTE!

If you want to see more of this AWESOME collection visit this link: