Saturday, January 3, 2009


I know the design street has been out for quite a long time now but today I was just looking around stardoll and I saw a Comming soon sign on the design street! The Comming Soon banner has also been there for a long time but I just wanted to discuss and ask you guys what do you think will be comming to DESIGN STREET, we already have scenery, fashion designing and interior designing so what NEXT?
Also I was talking to my friends n1mka4eva and she said if you look closely behind the commin soon banners you can see like hair and like a doll and stuff, So she said maybe its a new styling studio? Hmmm that would be cool?
OR maybe its a Beauty Salon? WOW that would be soo soo cool!

I think stardoll should make a trading station where 2 traders can submit their items and stardoll sends them to our suite, that way no scamming or fighting!
What do you think is Comming to the DESIGN STREET?