Thursday, January 22, 2009


OMG! Have you checked out Stardoll Magazine?Today SingingMermaid posted her article there.Yeah definitely, I bet you know her she's the well-known designer and one of the most popular users on Stardoll.Recently a girl asked Callie to feature singingmermaid on Stardoll Magazine and Callie said yes so now was her time to shine even more.I must admit she's a great designer and she has any right to share her style and ideas with us since many people like her and getting inspired from her.

But my point is not this, it's just that I believe Stardoll should give a chance to all of us to write an article on the Magazine not only to popular members, because we have some good things as well to share with others don't you think?I mean I think Stardoll should create a place in the magazine where all the users can make an article and the best ones can be posted in the magazine.I guess this would be awesome since many of us dream to be an author at the magazine just for one time..So why don't we mail Stardoll about this?I think if many people support it they can hear us and do what we want! :)


Anonymous said...

yeah i know she is popular and all, but you would think that stardoll would look into the character of people before they let them post of use them in ads and make them even more popular. yes her designs are good and her suite is nice, but she is not! she has in the past used her 'popularity & success" to scam many members. Believe it or not it's too true. Now this will make her even more popular to scam even more. yes stardoll we'd all like a chance to do things.

Anonymous said...

agree with u!!!