Sunday, January 18, 2009

Expect, the unexpected

I am going to be doing, various of things the next couple of months.
There is school of course, the blog, my looks, AskPaulinaGirls(Paulina Porizkova's club).

The Blog
MarsaL15 is going to be making a header for us, it will be amazing. Thank you :) I will be taking in one more writer, in the future I will probably take more,for now I need one writer. I will not randomly hand this out, please message me if interested.

My Looks I am trying many different things out, like I use to but then I decided I won't change as much, even though I do anyway!

AskPaulinaGirls Wow. I love her club TONS. Giving advice to people who need it just is not explainable. We have many cheaters in this club,I'm sure Paulina can notice this. I think you shouldn't give advice just to win a prize, you should give advice because you know it's helping somebody out.

So be ready for the unexpected.