Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hiya I was just on my dollmail and I recieved a mail from -unique.secrets the mail said something like this:

I know its too small to read but here I will type what it said:
Darling ; I was going through your suite and I was wondering if you are one of the many people here on this site who collect hotbuys and dkny and if you are then you should read my presentation:] ......?

That's what the mail from -unique.secrets said in her mail, so I went to her presentation and I was soo shocked to see what was written in her presentation...

Yeah thats right she has found a way of scamming people, Please do not trust her she is just making that up to steal your account, I know alot of people out there are desperate to get the RARE clothes but if you start trusting people like her then you are just making a huge mistake because these are all lies, they just want your account. So if you are pulled towards any scams like that just ignore them because at the moment there is no loopholed or cheat to get rares!
So I repeat do not fall into the hands of scammers, THERE IS NO CHEAT!