Saturday, January 3, 2009

Art By Steelone!

As I went through "" I found this.It's a new picture Steelone made "QUEEN OF MY OWN WORLD".You know how much I respect and admire Steelone, she has inspired so many people on Stardoll and I think this is the greatest way to say "ADIOS" to Stardoll.She looks very original and she actually passed the message "QUEEN" to people who had the luck to see this picture.Well, it's bare beauty so what?Personally I really liked it cause it gives out a general idea of who Steelone really is plus we all know her art and creation are unique and noone can compare with them.Even though there were good and bad comments as well.Style_Magazine created a similar work too as I learned so that means this theme inspires many even though some of them won't admit it.Anyway, now by seeing that you can understand what "real style" for Steelone means :)

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