Friday, January 9, 2009


Hiya as Jackie has mentioned the unknown person who has been writing bad things in this blogs Cbox and in Eftychia's blogs Cbox, Well she was covering herself with the name HAH but when as usual I went to Eftychia's blog to see if she had posted any NEWS, I noticed her Cbox and guess what the HAH person had confessed her real name!...WOW! check it out..I mean are you kidding me because she is the hacker who hacked me once!
Eftychia knows about this because we are like BESTIES!
So like a few months ago, this rare-dkny person hacked me, but luckily i got my account back and saw that all my RAREs & Lotteries were gone!!
I contacted stardoll and everything and stardoll made her give it back by telling her that they would delete her, So anyway she apologised to me and told me not to tell anyone that she had done this to me because everyone would start hating her,and i thought okaii just give her a chance so I was back to normal and forgot about her but NOW that BITCH returns to be mean to my GOOD INNOCENT friend Eftychia (marsal15)
I was absolutely MAD and I mean MAD when I saw her posting comments like that so I thought WHY NOT tell the world her secret which she had told me to keep it to myself but what do you think i would stay quite when you be like that to my friends, did you really think I will keep your secret when you turn all BITCHY AGAIN, rare-dkny you FAKE LIL BITCH!!

I can be as nice as you can not imagine and I can be as mean when you come to my friends like that!

Lol to my friends dont take me as a secret revealer coz I always keep secrets but this one I had to reveal after what she had done to me and Eftychia, So please get her deleted before she does this to anyone else!

A shout out to Eftychia: You are a good and loyal friend, you are a kind and caring person, so do not take these haters seriousely as they would only make your life worse!

And Jackie im sorry If I have used bad language, I'm extremely sorry to all the readers but you can not imagine how mad I am because when rare-dkny showed herself again it brought back all the bad memmories of when she had hacked me!

Okay Im a little calm now!