Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LE style For cheap!
Hi First of all i would like to thank Jackie (daddysangel02) for letting me be a writer for her new blog, I will try my best to give you guys my 100% potential and keep you up to date with all the stardoll fashion and more.
So lately I was just searching around starplaza and i came up with a look which kind of reminded me of the LE outfit, so I decided to take a shot and show you guys that we can make LE style but for cheap. So take a look at the picture below and make your own LE for cheap.

Doesnt it kinda look similar so if you want this LE look heres what you need to buy:
1: stardoll girls button pinafore
2: rio chicas rio dress
3: pretty in pink pantyhose
4: philosophie satin lace-up stiletto boots
5: voile ladies crystal coverd clutch
And your LE look is ready for only 29 stardollars.


DaddysAngel02 said...

I think it's pretty good :D :D :D

appleblossom00 said...

thanks. I just came up with it and i thought i should share it with others as LE is kinda most wanted now