Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ello! Just some quick news.
Like I said The Free DKNY is in the starplaza.

I think for the blog I will take about two more writers, for now.
I want to do a trendsetter/spotlight every week.
I was also thinking maybe the whole team (the writers) could all like do a outfit of there own like using the starplaza items like AppleBlossom00 did for her LE Look-a-like. That was very nice,btw.

Also I made a new header, I will probably change it MILLIONS Of times!The one I have now the background is a kind of old style :]


appleblossom00 said...

thanks jackie, soo ermm when do w start the trendsetter/spotlight thing?
I cant wait also i was thinking since its a fashion related blog i can start a make up tip column?

DaddysAngel02 said...

Maybe starting January? It's not even far from now! Like just 24 hours,haha. Sure sounds great!