Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello Antidote!

Hello everybody! Sorry for not posting so much, not much to post about! Well as you know, some of you do, there is a collection of limited clothes called Antidote coming out. With these coming out, I thought maybe stardoll featured them in there magazine? They did with some other items, why not with antidote? So I decided to check!
Well of course look what I found! (Some of the pictures didn't fit in fully because of my screen)

Antidote is now in shops. It's a little cheaper then LE mostly because there are like 1000 copies. I don't mind, but some people might! I'm a little mad because two of the dresses didn't show up when I logged on but when I was logged off I could see them! But I didn't really want them that much, I wanted the Elephant shirt and then sunglasses shirt :)


XoO-Hannah-OoX said...

Wow. Some of it's really nice but what with the DKNY necklaces I hate to think what they'll charge!