Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do the math!

Title catching you? I'm bad at math but still!

You know how Arna-rut did her 'detective' work about Zollie101?
Well if you don't check out! Arna believes that Zollie is the one who wrote the Newest 'Burn Book'. Which I find went to far. But I was visiting Zollie101 today and went into her guestbook to notice at the bottom that there was somebody called BurmBookBiotch in it.

(Click to read)

Now I'm not the person who goes around blaming people, but still.

I don't think that a Burn Book creator would be mad if they blamed somebody else. It keeps them out of the trouble! In this person's eyes Zollie stole her work. But it just doesn't add up to me like that! I think I'm going to stick with Arna's 'detective' work with this one!

Just think about it!
Oh and two of the features Undamyumbrellla and Arna-Rut were told by Zollie101 they were in the book!!