Sunday, March 29, 2009

Report her.xxspongebobbx

Ugh,don't you hate peeps who copy your presentation?
I found one girl who was rude in my club,so I visit her.I looked at her presentation,and saw she coppied all.She just change stuffs like year,name etc.Haha,I wrote:I collect DKNY,so please don't ask me to sell/trade it.She wrote:I collect Evil Panda,so please don't ask me to sell/trade it.WHO GIVES A SHIT FOR EVIL PANDA!???Ughh...And the worst what she does is that she wrote 100% made by xxspongebobbx.How rude! :I
Here are pics.
--->Can any of writers tell me am I still writing or!? : )

Ugh..who coppied your presentation? : /


Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Yeah that's rude. I've had that done before, but you can't report someone for it. Only if they break stardoll rules. Infact if you report for something could be the one deleted or warned. O_o

Isabella.Arci said...
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Isabella.Arci said...

I know how you feel.

Alot of people tried to copy my presentation & when I tell them off, they erase it. The WORST KIND is Maryam-Jam.

Last year, someone pointed out that this girl copied my presentation especially about what I said on being Cover Girl.

I went to her & said to please make her own. She never did. I suppose all she knows is to "copy/paste".

Recently, I was reading Stardoll Magazine & guess what I saw?


She copied my presentation again AND now, she posted it at Stardoll Magazine making it look like she wrote it!

Humility aside, why is she giving advice about being Cover Girl when she actually hasn't won? And what kind of credibility does she have to "guide" other members when she is BRAINLESS enough to STEAL my presentation.




I already reported her & expectedly, Stardoll didn;t do anything. No reply. No whatsoever.


funky_ana said...

Ugh..I didn't know that we can't report for presentation(I didn't read Stardoll rules xD) but on every presentation I see that.OMG That's your about CG?I was reading it today in Magazine. xD :I

DaddysAngel02 said...

Well they will get what is coming to them >.<

x.Wooldoor.x said...

Haha.. I bet ya all the stardoll staff do is sit in there big office all day playing World of Worcraft Isabella, they really don't do anything right!

Like they said that it was the last day of buying the Sephora stuff yesterday, but today it's still there! OMG!

funky_ana said...

Haha. -.-

Lauren said...

I agree with Isabella, so true

Eftychia-MarsaL15 said...

This is so rude and annoying. I can understand you, believe me cause it happened to me before but you cannot report her unfortunately. I def agree with Isabella. The only thing you can do now is to ask her nicely to remove and keep asking if she ignores you, but if you report her you take the risk of being deleted,since she didn't break the stardoll rules and I know how unfair this is :(

_M_A_D_1234 said...

god she is such a bitch. and its SOO obvious its yours because it says 'you can: write in my guestbook (i always reply)'
and i went to her guestbook and its empty and locked?
tsk tsk tsk.
Shes annoying enough to nick your presentation but not clever enough to ACTUALLY pull it off!
also it says 'you cant ask me to sell my dkny' well thats easy since she HASNT GOT ANY!
*Wags finger*