Thursday, March 5, 2009


Has stardoll become something to be afraid of?
So many hackers and scammers!
If your not hacked your scammed, if you not scammed your hacked!
Stardoll when we send you a message maybe you should actually take some time to look at it! Not send your BS messages to us! We need your help and what are you doing? Waiting for us to spend our money on YOU! I know you are busy, but we are busy keeping you running.
At the moment I suggest you accept no requests. Oh and I wouldn't joke around about being hacked if I was you. I know people have already started! It will happen if you joke around about it! Karma is a pain in the butt(:
Anyways, I have a new banner, doinker_chic made it for me. Thanks girl.


Lauren said...

Love the banner!!

Anonymous said...

How do you work the spoilers and when are the jumpin' boxes arriving at stardoll