Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hello! I'll be talking about a few things today! First of all this morning Emorox4eva was hacked!! Luckily she was online but unluckily the hacker sold all her clothes and changed her password so right now Jenna can't log off!! I saved a couple of items for Jenna when the hacker was selling them and so did some other people but the hacker got most of it. I'm starting to get really scared! So many people hacked!! I forget the hacker's username but check Jenna's blog to get more info!
Secondly the new DKNY part 2 of Spring 2009 was released today! Personally I love the collection. Donna likes color blocks lol! I own the whole DKNY spring collection now and I must say it was expensive. Just today I spent over 200sd on half of the collection!
I forgot what I was going to say here!! Sorry!! If I remember I'll tell you! lol