Tuesday, March 31, 2009

.She did it again!.

I really can't belive now.Yesterday,I made new presentation.I just didn't wanted that xxspongebobbx have same presentation as I do.She declined my request,so I start writing new presentation.10 mon after finishing,guess who come to me page!Today,I wen't to her suite,and guess what I found!She coppied all again.How can you know it's my presentation?I wrote that my safe list is to big so I put it in StarBlog.She also wrote that,but she don't have StarBlog.Really rude.Shame on you!

--->MY presentation (:
--->She coppied it
--->She wrote again 100% made by xxspongebobbx ):


mushkaa said...

thats soo rude.. i hate people who can not make anythig by themselves coping is pathetic...
And for real presentation creator i want to say: it's awesome! you do it very well

funky_ana said...

Tnx. (:
It's just anoying.
I wouldn't be mad if she didn't wrote 100% made by xxspongebobbx too. @:

x.Wooldoor.x said...

Hey.. try a blank presentation.. and copy ur current presentation into ur starblog.. then close ur starblog and bam!!she cant do poop

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