Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The nerves!

Some people are just going WAY to far!
The new (NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN) burn book! You want to know what's funny?
I bet those 'burn book b*tches' are over here talking about people. But on there main account (Yeah I said main account) they are the ones sucking up to the people they write about! It just really is so damn annoying! But you know just about talking about people over a virtual site will hit you!

When I saw TFD. (The Female dogs new account) her blog I thought the mag was actually a little bit funny. Especially with the 'Italian Mafia'! So I went into her guestbook just to look and found the following:

Why is this something to be a little mad about? Because of the link in it!
Not only is this girl full of it, but she's on of the NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN people! They actually have the nerves to talk about people? I'd like to see them put up a picture of themselves on the internet and be judged on it! If people talk about them it's all "Help me, help me!" but when it's them talking about people it's fine and funny? Just stop for crying out loud! Oh and of course this 'person' happens to be a new account, so most likely she has another account were she is the one sucking up to the people she talks about!

When Karma hits you, be glad that's the only thing that hits you!

It's funny that you have to start a new account to get attention.