Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stardoll Hits It Again

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Hey Batter Batter SWAANG!
Stardoll hits it again a new Voile dress. I like it but I think its too much since they hit 1 million members there just greedy beezy's.
Look(P.S. Dont mind the striped I was a bit bored blah :P)
Tell me what you think!
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Bis Bald.


funky_ana said...

Ugh,I just post that. -.-
Hahah,you aren't showing you your MeDoll,but you are ur stardollars xD
*brag* xD
Just kidding ;)
Me on chat,yay! :o
Just wanted to say that I think you don't see my messages,I told you on chat I will write about Voile :@

xooRoxanneoox said...

Are you serious!
Thats weird!
Write about that!
Ha I like you already my dear

Anonymous said...

LOL. Btw you havent got all thatmoney,thats photoshop. LOOSERR