Thursday, March 19, 2009

....New 'writer'....//New Voile

Hey,I will write only this week so if I will be good,I will become 'forever' writer.I am Ana,you may know me on Stardoll as funky_ana.All what I was going to write what other writers allready post,so I don't have anything *fresh* for now.Hehe.So just let ya know I am here.

Anyway,just wanted to say that I don't belive in 'Italian Mafia' because hackers can be from any country.And if you don't wanna get hacked,hide your rares in storage for a while.As you see on my *posting* pic I have Collared,Broken and other,but you won't find them in my suite.Now it looks like I said where my DKNY is,don't worry,they are on other account that never had visitor.
And don't acceot or decline any request,just leave them there for fev weeks.I haven't accept or decline anyone for a week,now I have 100 requests.Lol,it's nerving me that friends icon is allways orange,but that is better than get hacked.Lol,I actually wrote something now. :)
Kisses,Ana :D

New Voile just came,I don't like them,to *grandma* wear,but I always buy that Voile and sell in StarBazzar.
Here is pic:
--->Click to see better ;D