Friday, May 15, 2009


I really need to update my banner.
Stardoll seems to have gone DIYcrazy. And I keep buying. It's a nice scam though. Release a whole bunch of stuff for very cheap but adds up in the end. Stardoll seems to be missing! They need to do something to keep me awake. One reason I'm making a magazine is for when I do come on here I'm not bored as hell. All the blogs have been posting the same thing. DIY, Callie is covergirl and Paulina got fired from ANTM. Me being one of those people. If there is anything you readers want me to do to keep you entertained please tell me. My magazine is coming really soon as far as I know. I've done already around 6 graphics. But remember I'm not the best at them. I mean I've probably been doing them for what? 3 months? Not even. I want to say thank you to all our followers me, the writers and Jackie are extremely proud on how much we have! Jackie is doing a fabulous job on keeping this blog up to date :)