Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hey! I don't really know how to wear the DIY clothes. So comment on this post and I will visit your suite and pick the best one. That person can win 25 stardollars from bazaar or from a gift in the minishop.

PS: Welcome to Ashton!


Hollymay06 said...

I Would Love You To Visit Me On My Account Hollymay06 And Check Mine Out thnx :)

44nicole44 said...

I would love you to check out mine!
Thanks Nicole on stardoll -

Adrija88 said...

Hey ;D
Hope you like my outfit !

Shishu95 said...

as far as I know, DIY clothes are worn like normal clothes..
I'm non-ss and I bought the black single shoulder tank today,
and I wear it like normal clothing.
Not like furniture, how some people say :)
hope I helped,
and made sense :P

greenground said...

I made a dress with DIY, it's on the highest floor right room...
My username is greenground