Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another MakeOver

Makeover #2!

This time it's TatCinderella!

For her medoll she had a darker thing going on so I though "Hey why not go green?!" So that's what I did!

What I did for her look:
I changed the hair color to make it lighter and like kind of go with her doll. I had about three shades of green. Some green liner at the ends (Which you might not be able to tell) then just the other two greens. Of course I also added a green hairclip. :)
I loved Laura's medoll so much I was just going to add some accessories and go with it but then I thought why don't I do a completely different thing..?


Maeyleigh said...

Jackie!! Girly, could you give me a makeover?? And if you will, could you get me hazel eyes? :) LU and great job on this makeover!!~Maey xoxo

Emma said...

Hey! My MeDoll ( emma_ramos ) is wondering -tee hee- is she could have a makeover because TatCinderella's was great!

DaddysAngel02 said...

Sure! :)

I will start tomorrow.
Lol! She will have a makeover. Lol.

AnnA-twilighter said...

I love them!! ...Maybe one day...mine could.... you know... do with a...make-over...??
Shes called AnnA-twilighter, and she also ADORES your make-overs!!